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Autism Awareness Takes on New Meaning for Us

Obviously, we live everyday at our house doing what we can to raise autism awareness and provide some tools for parents going through the same challenges and successes we’ve experienced over the years. However, this year’s Autism Awareness month takes on new meaning for us personally.

Our youngest child (16 months old) has been diagnosed as developmentally delayed. And while we go from early intervention specialist to speech therapy to occupational therapist and then physically therapy, the question in the back of our minds is “will this little guy have autism, too?” And if he does, what does that mean? We aren’t necessarily equipped to parent him based solely on our past experiences because we know that every child is different, that his life and abilities will be completely different from the experiences we have had with his half-brother. Sometimes, it feels as if you are always behind the learning curve as a parent. *sigh*

Of course, it is much too soon to tell. We are seeing one of the best Developmental Pediatricians at Nemours in Philly and it will be months of observation and data point collection before we have a definitive answer.

In the meantime, we will focus on all the great things the promise of Spring brings us: warmer days, fresh air, flowers blooming and lighting it up blue for all of our kiddos.

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