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Bay - BEE Shar.....Noooooo!

Left to his own devices, Little Dude would happily spin wheels for hours on end. No functional play for this kiddo. Nope!

Not surprisingly, this isn't ideal for his speech, social and cognitive development. It's been almost two years of trial and error to figure out how to engage him with us while encouraging reciprocal and functional play.

One discovery we made is that he is very receptive to music, and movement games (somewhat). So far, he mostly just watches us do the movement portion, but he is clearly amused by my antics and will clap his approval of my pathetic rendition of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Sidenote: Who knew it would be so hard to touch your toes in your forties??

Here's the problem with a lot of those toddler activity songs...they are absolutely horrible. Some of them have weird electronic voices, some of them have these super creepily designed graphics, and some of them are simply irritating in a Caillou kind of way. Like, you honestly can't listen to them more than once without wanting to rip your own ears off. So I've filtered through and here are our Top 5 favourite (aka the least likely to cause an assault on your auditory nerves).

One Little Finger

Patty Shukla's Twist Song

Sesame Street - Usher's ABC Song (The ABCs of Moving You)

Twinkle Little Song's version of Itsy Bitsy Spider

Elmo's If You're Happy And You Know It

Full disclosure, this one gets old real quick, but my son LOVES it and plays along, so here it is!

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