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CHEAP and EASY Halloween Fun!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! We are in the midst of decorating for Halloween and I wanted to share these super easy and incredibly inexpensive, yet fairly creepy, additions to our October motif.

The doll in the window was cobbled together with a bunch of stuff we already had around the house. The doll was my step-daughter's that was slated to be thrown out but I salvaged her from a box in the move. She was just hanging out in our mud room for about a month, scaring all of us at random times and I decided that she needed to be highlighted in one of windows for Halloween. We propped her up on a box, put a desk lap on the floor to up-light her and hung an old black tablecloth behind her....voila!

The doll has been popular in the neighborhood so far. I have seen people stop to take pictures of her and I have gotten texts from friends letting me know they drove by and just about came out of their skin when they saw her. SUCCESS!

For the "Help Me" window....that decal was $1 at the Dollar Store. I grabbed some tape and put it over an attic bedroom window. And then I just leave the bedroom light on overnight. BWAAHAHAHAHHAAAAA

We aren't done yet! Next up is:

Putting strobe lights in the basement.

We've been waiting years to have a yard we can make this zombie dungeon in. This is the year!

These spooky sensory boxes will be at our Sensory Friendly Halloween Party and I'll have them out for play dates and such. They are absolutely one of my favourite things to make this time of year!

And last but not least...Little Dude's Chucky costume....

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