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CHEAP and EASY Halloween Fun, Part II

With Halloween decorations on clearance, now is the time to start planning for next year!

This is our yard decorated for Halloween. It was very easy to do and not at all expensive.

The shed with glowing red windows

This is nothing more than a reg light bulb we got at the local hardware store that we strung up on a ladder and placed in the middle of the shed for an all-over even glow. And to add a little mystery to it, I covered the windows in wax paper, so they are hazy. Next year, it will be fun to add some cardboard silhouettes to one or both of the windows. This cost just under $5.

For the Hell Pit

This was something we had wanted to do for years, but didn't have the right front yard space in which to do it until this year. The pit is very shallow, just the depth of the pallet. We got the pallet from a local store that had it out on trash day. There are a lot of places that will just give them to you for free. The orange twinkle lights give the impression that the pit is "burning" at night. We added a string of purple lights to it as well to give it more of a fiery glow. The hands are Halloween props that are on sticks so they easily go right into the ground. Typically, you can find these things at the dollar store if you want to keep the budget as low as possible. The hands were $6 at Party City and the lights (we have had these for several years) were around $3 each from Target for a total of $12 for the Hell Pit.

The Grave

All that dirt that came out of the Hell Pit? Yup, that's it! Just piled it up to look like a freshly dug grave and then stuck an old, old styrofoam headstone we have had forever into the top of it to make the grave. I think it would have looked a lot better if we had painted a wooden white cross and used that but this was ready-made and on-hand so it could not have been easier. You could also cut out a tombstone from cardboard and decorate it to your liking. The total cost is around $5 if you were to buy the headstone from a place like Amazon.

Totaled up, it was around $22 to turn our yard into a creepy, and often photographed, neighborhood attraction. Can't wait to start planning for next year. Time to hit the clearance shelves tomorrow!

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