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Dad-Induced Wardrobe Malfunctions

What They Are and How To Avoid Them

Little Dude's dad is a great guy and he means the world to his family, but his sense of style will not be gracing the covers of haute couture magazines anytime soon. For example....

Yes, that's a green and brown monkey shirt paired with black and red pants. Oofda!

And I'm not even sure how, but he managed to dress Little Dude in essentially the exact same outfit the very next day...

And let's not forget this snazzy combo. Socks AND sandals, together!

Time for a Momtervention!

I have a hard time simply adding to our landfills, so I try to reuse things as much as possible (yes, I am that mom who rinses and reuses ziploc bags!), and had some of these "outfit hangers" waiting for a second life. Then, I lucked out and received two more bags full of hangers (for free!) from a fellow mom in my neighborhood mom network. If you aren't part of a local parenting group, you can always check out your area Buy Nothing group where neighbors ask for and gift each other items.

I went through Little Dude's dresser and paired up shirts and shorts and hung them up on the "outfit hangers" in his wardrobe. And this method actually saves time on folding laundry. Everything goes straight from the dryer to a hanger.

Now, whenever Dad dresses him, all he has to do is grab a pre-matched, mom-approved ensemble and we're good to go.....

....except for the socks with sandals. ;)

(Sidenote: this can also help kids who are learning how to dress themselves, giving them autonomy to select their outfits and encouraging gross and fine motor skill development by including clothing with buttons, snaps, zippers, etc.)

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