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Huddle Up for Autism

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

One of our favourite Autism Awareness Month activities is Huddle Up For Autism at the Philadelphia Eagles’ stadium. Tickets are free, but very limited, to keep the crowd size small and make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. Attendees can get their pictures taken with the cheerleaders, play on the field, get players’ autographs and even hang out in the locker room!

The Eagles definitely put a lot of thought into the special sensory needs of the Huddle Up guests. There are quiet rooms scattered throughout the facility, ear phones are available, there is no loud music, fireworks or excessive use of the PA system, and because attendance is limited, lines are short with minimal waiting times. They even offer a social story PDF to help families prepare for the event.

Are there events like this in your city? Let us know!

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