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It's All in the Presentation

One of the first red flags that something wasn't quite right with Little Dude was his odd behaviours around food. He would twist his little hands in the air, manipulate food into teeny, tiny little bits, stuff food behind him, drop it to the dog....pretty much everything except actually eat it. In fact, his eating habits are such a challenge that I even have "new foods" as a daily goal on his goal chart.

Recently, he had an OT session, while our DBA was here, and his OT wanted to get him doing art projects. Little Dude has a hard time touching finger paints, so his OT thought apple stamps would be a fun alternative. Apple stamps are where you cut an apple cross-wise, rather than length-wise, which makes the seed center into a fun star shape. Then you dip the flat seed-side surface into paint, and stamp!

As we were sitting around the table, prepping him and the apple for our art project, his OT cut the apple in half and set it down to get the paints ready. Much to our shock, Little Dude picked it up and starting eating it! Specifically, the skin. Like, he could not get enough of it.

We sat there in shock watching him enthusiastically eat an apple. (We quickly removed the seeds). All I could say was, "I have given him peeled apple slices I don't know how many times! And all this time, I could have just handed him an apple!" Our DBA reminded us that sometimes it is all in the presentation. I have since given him whole, unpeeled apples and he has eaten them every time.

Side note: after many attempts, this works on no other food but apples, but I'll take that victory!

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