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It was all fingerpaints and tears...until this happened!

Man, when your kiddo has sensory issues, you never know what is going to work or epically fail. I have tried to get Little Dude to use finger paints soooooo many times, but he absolutely hates the sensation of them (side note: I find this super odd because he will "paint" with yogurt all over his food tray so what gives, kid?)

I watched him recoil with the touch of the paints repeatedly. I've tried brushes and other implements for the paints, but he has zero interest. What he did love was rinsing his hands and then licking his fingers, which frankly made me gag but to each his own. I know the paints are non-toxic but I thought maybe something more food based would be a better option for finger licking....DING! the light went off in my sleep-deprived brain. Flavored water drops!!

I popped on down to the local grocery store and stocked up on a variety of flavours and colours. Lemonade was the only one that was not a hit. (It was, however, fun for me to watch his "sour" lemonade face :)

Sometimes we play with them in the house and I just throw down a drop cloth that is easily tossed into the washer or hosed down outside. If your little is anything like mine, a drop cloth of some sort is a requirement because this stuff goes EVERYWHERE. When the weather is cooperative, we do big tubs outside on a table and it is always a hit.

Check out this happy boy!

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