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Puzzle Piece Cookies

Being creative in the kitchen is one of my favourite ways to have some soul-replenishing "me time" while also doing something special for my friends and family. In observance of this year's #WAAD, I decided to make some puzzle piece cookies to share with our co-workers and neighbors. I did some research and found these on Amazon. They had good reviews and the price was right!

I used a standard sugar cookie recipe from Betty Crocker that my family uses for our holiday cookies. You can find it here.

One piece of advice on this recipe: You are supposed to chill the dough for a couple of hours. I really think it depends on what the ambient temperature is in your house. We live in the northeast and we still haven't thawed out from winter yet. In fact, we are supposed to be getting more snow today *weeps quietly and grabs a glass of wine*. I think the dough would have been fine to roll out and cut into cookies right away. I was super excited when the cookie cutters arrived. They were much larger than I anticipated and the material was solid, not flimsy.

I know I'll be regretting this come bathing suit season but let's make some cookies!

Time to chill!

I mixed up four different shades of blue to frost the cookies and grabbed some black get decorative icing to outline each cookie. In retrospect, I should have "piped and flooded" the cookies with royal icing to give them a more uniform, polished look, but my super active one year old thwarted my artistic stylings ;)

I am really pleased with how easy these cookie cutters were to use and how nicely the cookies turned out. The cutters don't have any tiny curves or edges for the dough to get caught on (like a lot of my holiday cookie cutters do), so the cookies popped out easily onto the baking sheet. I will say that my dough rolling skills are lacking and keeping the cookies an even thickness was a challenge for me. Oops! Some got a little crispier than others! But they were still delicious. Now to share them and #lightitupblue!

#autismawareness #LIUB #autismawarenessday #autism

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