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Mom Hack - Quick Picture Cards!

Hint: Packing tape!

Yes, my son watches TV. Feel free to judge me on that ;) But sometimes, it is the only way I can get a five minute shower and throw a load of laundry in without listening to the howls of a toddler suffering the injustice of pack and play detainment.

Of course, the end result is that Little Dude now grabs the remote off the table and hands it to me, repeatedly, throughout the day, and then turns expectantly towards the TV....Nothing like instilling screen addiction early!

Since he is non-verbal at this point (despite 7 months of speech therapy, but that's a grumble for another day), we printed out some quick screen grabs from the interwebs and used packing tape to "laminate" them. Hooray for 3M! The process took less than 10 minutes and has been super successful with Little Dude communicating what he is wanting.

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