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Rainy Day Butterflies

Stuck indoors and tired of the same old activities? Try a craft so simple, you probably already have the necessary supplies on-hand.

What You'll Need:

Coffee filters


Clothes Pins

Rubbing Alcohol

Optional - googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pom poms, glitter, whatever you want to make it magical!

In the process of decorating Little Dude's room in a jungle style theme, I began thinking it would be fun to add some colorful birds or butterflies that we could make together I found this idea on Your Modern Family, and ran with it.

Little Dude is finally interested in using markers and crayons to colour, so we worked on these together. When he was done scribbling, I set some of the markers directly on the coffee filters and let them soak some ink in for a little while.

After colouring, I put the finished filters on some old produce bags and used rubbing alcohol and cotton balls to blot the marker and create the tie-dye effect. The rubbing alcohol evaporates rather quickly (but do not do this on any surface that will react to the alcohol)

The eyes have it!

While waiting for the butterfly wings to dry, I used markers on the clothes pins to colour the butterfly bodies and helped Little Dude put the eyes on.

Believe it or not, I actually got him to sit for the better part of an hour with this activity and some therapy putty time.

Squeezing the glue, putting the eyes on the clothes pins, fan-folding the coffee filters, pinching the clothes pins to insert the coffee filter butterfly wings and twisting the pipe cleaner antennae are all great fine motor skill activities.

When the wings are dry and the clothes pin butterfly bodies are decorated however you want to decorate them, you fold up the wings in a fan style, pinch them in the middle with the clothes pin and fan out the wings.

We added some tinsel pipe cleaner antennae, a couple pom-poms, and voila! Butterflies!

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