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The Power of Music

We have had my son in music therapy for a couple months now. Although there isn't any marked improvement in his speech, motor skills or social connections, I will say that he is by far more engaged during music time than at any other time AND playing instruments is pretty much the only time he uses toys functionally. I have faith that over time, he will continue to progress specifically because he is receiving music education.

Little Dude tends to seek out the keyboard at music school and actively plays his Melissa and Doug play piano at home, too. We decided to get him an upright piano for his upcoming birthday and while looking for a used piano online, I came across this article, 10 reasons why making music is good for your brain. From the perspective of a special needs parent, it had a lot of positive information about the ways playing music can help our delayed kids, like boosting executive function, assisting with speech processing and improving motor skills.

It's a quick, informative read. Enjoy!

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