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To Bean or Not To Bean...

We have been doing the early intervention thing for a year now. The therapists have suggested several times that we should do a traditional sensory bin, the type with beans that has toys tucked into it. Much like this one from teachingmama.org

I loved the idea but was VERY reluctant to it. Little Dude, like most kids his age, puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. I was very fearful that, in our quest to get him on target developmentally, he would pop a bean in his mouth and choke himself out. There are so many other educational/learning/development options, why risk it?

No, no bean bins, thank you very much.


We recently took a trip down the shore and gave our guy some freedom to experience all of the textures and "newness" of the beach. He liked the water, and he wasn't bothered by the sand (surprisingly), but the greatest discovery was how much he enjoyed sorting all of the river pebbles! He literally spent hours over the course of the week, playing in the sand, manipulating all different sizes, shapes, colors and textures of pebbles, dipping them in water, dropping them in mini sand pits, and on and on. I can't say that there wasn't a "this rock looks good enough to eat" moment or two, but in general, he just played.

The very first thing I did when we got back home was to run out and buy a bunch of different kinds of beans. Not to make a bin, but for sorting!

There were still some "this bean looks good enough to eat" moments, but he was as delighted sorting beans as he was pebbles.

This feels like a victory!

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