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Today Broke My Heart

Today broke my heart.

I took Little Dude to an outdoors kids group to make new friends and experience a nature walk.

Instead, we were shunned. Including one little girl yelling "YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND!" as my non-verbal, tentative walker toddled in her direction. Her mother did absolutely nothing.

Then another child came up and essentially taunted us with a song about how he was as slow as a snail and that she was better than us because she's fast like a cheetah.

Once again, zero parenting.

I know that my kid is different.

I know that he is really tall so he seems older than he is. I know that his delays make this all the more confusing.

I also know that I would never, ever treat another parent the way I was treated today. I know I'd never allow my son to treat someone the way he was treated.

I could not have felt more isolated in my own community today. I turned my back to them and wept.

Luckily, I have a resilient little man who, after the whole group left us, spent his time doing the things he loves. Sorting rocks, playing in water, getting dirty, and holding my hand.

#belikebuddy #inclusion #autism #differentnotless #developmentaldelay #specialneeds #mom

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